All of my music is studio-licensed, which means that if you are a teacher you can print unlimited copies to use with all your students. This offers amazing value for money! As a teacher myself I know how expensive it can be to keep a sheet music library stocked with engaging new music so this is my way of helping fellow teachers.

All of my digital books are "print-ready". I've included full-color covers and professionally typeset PDFs so that you can print out the whole book straight away with no fuss. If you just want to print out pieces as you go you can do that too. Enjoy the flexibility that my music gives you!  

This link will take you to my Supersonics Super Chart (I named it this because it really is super helpful!). I’ve mapped out my pieces so that you can easily see where they will fit into your own personal teaching progression. There’s something here for everyone! Don’t suffer through any more uninspired lessons. Put some Supersonics style into your teaching. Let's go!

Here's what teachers and educators have to say about Supersonics Piano

"I've been a long-time admirer of Daniel McFarlane's music. He has an uncanny ability to write catchy, interesting pieces based on simple musical motives and progressions. I've found his music has endless appeal in my studio whether students are beginners or advanced, young or old."   Tim Topham

"THANK YOU!!! I have 65-68 pupils and I haven't had them so excited about pieces of music for a long time, the boys especially are getting so excited when I play the samples on your website. It is so refreshing to have some music that is original and EXCITING for my pupils." Cherie Kaushal

"When you visit the Supersonics website, not only will you experience cutting edge technology, but most importantly you can expect to find engaging and relevant music that will motivate students young and old. Daniel McFarlane has a special talent for writing music that not only gets student excited to learn but does it in a way that sets them up for SUCCESS!"   Jennifer Foxx