Supersonic Suites Megapack

6 super digital suites are included in this pack!

Number of pieces included: 27
Studio-licensed? Yes
Price per piece: $1.48
Total saving: 60%

Click on each book to view complete samples.

The Lake: Come explore the watery depths of the lake. Level: Early Intermediate to Intermediate (Grades 2 and 3 Australia/UK)

Pieces of Eight: Explore the high seas and chase after the treasure with Captain Dan and his dastardly pirate crew! Level: Late Elementary to Intermediate (Grade 1 to 3 Australia/UK)

Spaced Out: Explore the concept of "space" with these other-worldly pieces. Level: Elementary to Late Intermediate (Preliminary to Grade 5 Australia/UK)

All Hallows' Eve: Explore the creepy world of the creatures of the night. Level: Intermediate (Grade 4 Australia/UK)

Spy Games: Live the life of a super-secret spy! Level: Early Intermediate to Intermediate (Grades 2 and 3 Australia/UK)

Lost: Lose yourself in the twirling pieces in this suite. Level: Late Intermediate to Advanced (Grade 5 to 7 Australia/UK)

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