Lost (Late Intermediate to Advanced - Grade 5 to 7 Australia/UK)

This suite is all about being lost (you might have gathered that from the title). Each piece is wonderfully descriptive - you can really tell a story to your audience.  

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Lost (Advanced - Grade 7 Australia/UK): Imagine you have been cast adrift on the high seas. Delirium has set in. You are being tossed around by the fickle ocean. You are well and truly lost!

Round and Round (Early Advanced - Grade 6 Australia/UK): You've made it to a desert island. Phew! Maybe you aren't lost after all! Your only trouble is that everything looks the same. Haven't you seen that coconut palm before? You must be going round and round in circles! 

S.O.S. (Late Intermediate - Grade 5 Australia/UK): It's time to send for some help! You really can't keep going round and round. The S.O.S. Morse code rhythm forms the basis of this piece - you can really have fun building the tension up! 

The End (Late Intermediate - Grade 5 Australia/UK): Things are looking pretty grim. That S.O.S. you sent out didn't seem to attract anyone's attention. Looks like it's the end. Or is it... 

This digital suite is studio-licensed and is amazingly good value. Your students will love their exciting new pieces and you get a lifetime's use of engaging music. 

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