Castle Escape Two: The Mysterious Mission (Elementary - Preliminary Australia/UK)


The Supersonic Adventures combine delightful musical imagery with a sequential exploration of new techniques, key groups and sounds. This adventure explores D,A and E minors. These pieces are particularly useful for expanding students' musical horizons outwards when they arrive at troublesome or disengaging points in their method books. They also make superb concert pieces! You can sprinkle these pieces into a student's progression to keep interest levels up or learn each set in one go. As the adventures are studio-licensed you can use them with all your students forever.

In this adventure you’ve been chosen to embark on a super secret mission to recover a stolen potion. Explore the castle and recover the potion! This adventure features Rhythm Builders, Maestro Worksheets, a composition task and a Supersonic Adventure Map. Click here to play along with the backing tracks in Supersonics Plus for free.


Mysterious Mission: You’ve been chosen to embark on a super secret mission to recover a stolen potion. 

Masked Ball​: Test your secret agent skills at the masked ball. Can you dance well enough to fool everyone into believing that you are royalty?

Secret Door: You sneak off through a secret door. Be careful not to get caught!

Changing of the Guard: The passage ahead is blocked by some fierce looking guards. You might be able to sneak by when they change over though.

Hall of Shadows: You’ve entered the mysterious Hall of Shadows where the potion is hidden. Can you find it?

The Potion: You’ve located the mysterious potion. You wonder what it does as it certainly looks dangerous!



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