Land of the Middle Seas One: Into the Mist (Early Elementary - Pre-Preliminary Australia/UK)

RE-RELEASE! (with additional content)

The Supersonic Adventures combine delightful musical imagery with a sequential exploration of new techniques and sounds. The Land of the Middle Seas adventures focus on the notes around middle C. Don't be alarmed though - there are many amazingly creative things you can do with this limited range of notes! These pieces are particularly useful for expanding students' musical horizons outwards when they arrive at troublesome or disengaging points in their method books. They also make superb concert pieces! You can sprinkle these pieces into a student's progression to keep interest levels up or learn each set in one go. As the adventures are studio-licensed you can use them with all your students forever.

In this adventure you begin to explore the magical Land of the Middle Seas. This adventure features Rhythm Builders, Maestro Worksheets, a composition task and a Supersonic Adventure Map. Click here to play along with the backing tracks in Supersonics Plus for free.


Into the Mist: Come journey into the mist and explore the magical Land of the Middle Seas.

The Enchanted Climb: Climb the enchanted staircase to find what lies at the top.

Genie in the Bottle: Will the genie grant you your wishes?

The Ruins of Alcabar: Explore the spooky ruins of the ancient city of Alcabar.

The Joust: Ride into battle on your trusty steed!

Dwarf Army: They may be small but there certainly is a lot of them!

Fairy Flight: Come fly with the fairies.

Sanctuary: Relax in the sanctuary



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