Land of the Middle Seas Two: Dragon Escape (Early Elementary - Pre-Preliminary Australia/UK)


The Supersonic Adventures combine delightful musical imagery with a sequential exploration of new techniques and sounds. The Land of the Middle Seas adventures focus on the notes around middle C. Don't be alarmed though - there are many amazingly creative things you can do with this limited range of notes! These pieces are particularly useful for expanding students' musical horizons outwards when they arrive at troublesome or disengaging points in their method books. They also make superb concert pieces! You can sprinkle these pieces into a student's progression to keep interest levels up or learn each set in one go. As the adventures are studio-licensed you can use them with all your students forever.

In this adventure you need to save the fairies from a particularly scary and ferocious dragon. I hope you packed something fireproof! This adventure features Rhythm Builders, Maestro Worksheets, a composition task and a Supersonic Adventure Map. Click here to play along with the backing tracks in Supersonics Plus for free.


Grimblekins: A mysterious talking cat (“Grimblekins”) sends you on a quest to rescue fairies who have been captured by a dragon.

The Journey Begins: Your journey has begun!

Pixie Puzzle: Mischievous pixies have trapped you and you must solve their puzzle before they will free you.

Will o’ the Wisp: Strange lights beckon you into a scary swamp. Should you follow them?

Fairy Rescue: You’ve discovered where the fairies are being held captive. But how to get to them?

The Labyrinth: You need to navigate your way through a very confusing labyrinth.

Sleeping Dragon: Be very careful when you tiptoe past the sleeping dragon with the fairies that you are rescuing.

Dragon Escape: Uh oh, you’ve woken the dragon. Run!



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