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March 2016

More duets, more scales and an awesome St Patrick's Day solo! This month features the next eight duets to go with the Blast Off beginner method. The feedback I'm getting from these pieces is all extremely positive - give them a try! Two new Supersonic Scale pieces are featured this month: the second set of major scales and harmonic minor. Again, I've done them in every key! A great alternative to practicing plain old scales. Finally, get your jig on with The Galloping Nag. I've included two arrangements: Elementary (Grade One Aus/UK) and Intermediate (Grade Four Aus/UK). Perfect for St Patrick's Day!      

February 2016

A Beginner method, an epic duet, super scales, and a modal exploration. A bit of everything this month! You get a complete Beginner piano method to try (32 progressive pieces), the first 8 teacher duets to go along with the method (I'll be releasing 8 each month until I've done them all), an epic Elementary duet (in two keys and with 2 secondo arrangements), a super new way of practicing scales (in every major key!), and a wonderfully expressive exploration of the Dorian mode. This month is a huge month - you have to jump in and try these pieces! 

January 2016

Winter music. This month features the second installment of my "Winter Studies" series. Three more super-expressive, super-twinkly Elementary pieces. My students have been going crazy for these ones! These pieces will not be available as back issues so if you miss out out on any you will have to wait until they are released regularly (at normal prices). The harder piece for this month is an uplifting Late Elementary (Grade One Aus/UK) solo, "Sunburst". As an added bonus I've transposed it into every key! Learn it in C major or learn it in F# major (if you're feeling brave). Enjoy!


December 2015

Winter music. The coming months will feature my brand new Elementary-level "Winter Studies". Six descriptive solos will be rolled out over the next two months (three pieces this month and three pieces next month). The three pieces for this month are super-pretty, super-twinkly and super-descriptive. My own students have been going crazy for them! These pieces will not be available as back issues so if you miss out out on any you will have to wait until they are released regularly (at normal prices). The harder solo for this month is a flashy Late Intermediate (Grade 5 Aus/UK) arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne". Perfect for you to perform as well! I may have to throw a New Year's Eve party just so I can roll this one out... Enjoy!   

November, 2015

Christmas music! Two solos and two duets. Spirits Bright is available as an Early Intermediate (Gr 2 Aus/UK) solo as well as an Elementary duet. It is a super happy version of Jingle Bells. Flickering Light is a hauntingly beautiful Intermediate (Gr 3 Aus/UK) solo (there won't be a dry eye in the house!). Rock the Halls will literally rock your studio walls! It comes with a backing track and as well as being downloadable in the regular formats you will receive access to a brand new way of practising online (you need to experience it to appreciate it - trust me, it is awesome!). You can also play the Primo part as a standalone solo. There you go - music for your whole studio!

October, 2015

Halloween music! Two solos and two re-release "special" packs. Graveyard March is an Elementary (Preliminary Aus/UK) solo based on an insanely catchy left hand motif (trust me, it will get stuck in your head). Monster Chase is an Intermediate (Grade 3 Aus/UK) solo that will get your imagination roaring! Spooky and Creepy Crawlies feature 9 pages of extra activities (prep exercises and theory challenges).

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