Pop School Level One

by Daniel McFarlane

Series: Supersonics Piano Method

Book information: Saddle-stitched; 48 pages

Pop School is the standalone book for the contemporary chord progression taught in the Supersonic Piano Method series. The twenty-one pieces in this book are designed to give you a basic introduction to “pop” chords. This is very useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Obviously you will use the skills you learn in this book when you come to play specific pop/rock/jazz/blues pieces.
  • As every piece in this book requires creative input it is a great way to expand your musical mindset to think beyond what is written on the page.
  • An effective working knowledge of the chord types featured in this book will be useful when you study more traditional “classical” harmony.
  • The chord progressions featured in this book can be used as the harmonic base for your own original compositions.

You can commence working through this book as soon as you can:

  • Play “regular” pieces hands together fluently.
  • Read securely in the range of middle C to G in the treble clef.
  • Play two different notes at the same time with your left hand (the ability to play three notes is preferable but this can be developed over the course of the first part of this book).

This is how to approach learning each piece:

  1. Learn the melody with your right hand.
  2. Work out all the chords required for the piece. Play these with your left hand.
  3. Play the most “simple” version of the piece hands together (usually this will be the melody with your right hand and basic chords with your left hand).
  4. Once you have mastered the most simple version of each piece you can explore more elaborate left hand patterns. 

NOTE: You do not have to make every piece as “tricky” as possible for your left hand. It is totally acceptable to just learn the simplest version of each piece. I do recommend that you try some of the harder patterns though as this will make the pieces sound more interesting!




    This book contains 21 pieces. You will learn to construct and use the following chord types:

    • major chords
    • minor chords
    • "slash" chords (inversions)
    • "sus" chords
    • augmented chords
    • diminished chords
    • diminished 7th chords
    • "5" chords
    • major 7th chords

    You will also learn how to improvise using the pentatonic and blues scales.


    Supersonics Plus is the online system that works in conjunction with this book in order to enhance your experience. Supersonics Plus features:

    Rhythm Builders: Every piece has a Rhythm Builder worksheet associated with it.


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