Supersonics Piano Method Quick Start Level B

by Daniel McFarlane

Series: Supersonics Piano Method

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Book information: Spiral bound; 76 pages

The Supersonics Piano Method Quick Start series is designed to give older beginners a "quick start" to the piano. There is no padding in this book, just a streamlined contemporary progression. This book is suitable for all ages. This book should be considered interchangeable with the Supersonics Piano Method Level Three book. The two books share the share content but Quick Start Level B is an accelerated progression and the content is arranged differently. There are two ways to effectively use this method:

  • Use this book along with Supersonics Plus to experience the full comprehensive program.
  • Use this book as the repertoire, technical and creative base for your teaching/learning. You can then add your own aural and theory programs.




    The book is divided into five sections:

    1. Key Explorations: The pieces in this section explore the keys of C,G,F and D majors and A,E and D minors as well as the chromatic scale.
    2. Arrangements: In this section we explore arrangements of some well-known folk tunes and popular classics.
    3. Modes: This section explores the modes of the major scale (Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian).
    4. Historical Sounds: In this section we explore original "historical" repertoire by some of the great composers.
    5. Chords: In this section we continue the exploration of contemporary harmony we began in Level A.

      This is the recommended minimum amount of work that you should cover in this book:

      1. Key Explorations: Learn all the Finger Tricks exercises and pieces in this section.
      2. Arrangements: Learn three out of the six pieces in this section.
      3. Modes: Learn how to construct the different modes and then learn three out of the six pieces.
      4. Historical Sounds: Learn three out of the six pieces in this section.
      5. Chords: Learn all the pieces in this section.
      6. Own Choice: Learn an additional three pieces. These can be from this book or other appropriate sources.

        This gives you a total of thirty pieces and will give you a well-rounded appreciation of the musical content appropriate for this level. Obviously the more pieces you learn the better so feel free to work your way from cover to cover in this book!

        Supersonics Plus 

        Supersonics Plus is the online system that works in conjunction with this book in order to give you the "complete" method experience. Supersonics Plus features:

        Backing tracks: Every original piece has a backing track. Practicing with backing tracks is a great way to develop a strong sense of beat. 

        Supplementary repertoire: Supersonics Plus features a huge library of supplementary pieces.

        Rhythm Builders: Every piece has a Rhythm Builder worksheet associated with it.  


        Elevate: Four (C major) Study in C (Czerny)
        Melancholia: One (A minor)
        Study in A Minor (Gurlitt)
        Elevate: Five (F major)
        Study in F (Gurlitt)
        Terry Tortellini (D minor) The Flowers Sing of Love (Bartok)
        Elevate: Six (G major) Arabesque (Burgmuller)
        Melting Snow (E minor) Harp Prelude (Fischer)
        Sunrise (D major)
        Chromatico (chromatic scale) CHORDS
        Happy Days
        ARRANGEMENTS Lonely Road
        The Ghost of Tom (Traditional) Dreaming
        William Tell Overture (Rossini) March Macabre
        Scarborough Fair (Traditional) Afterglow
        Amazing Grace (Traditional) Electrix
        The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Dukas) Inspire
        Russian Dance (Tchaikovsky) Sunday Afternoon
        MODES Blue Daze
        Mixed Messages (Dorian)
        Bazaar (Phrygian)
        The Triffid (Lydian)  
        The Village Fair (Mixolydian)
        Aeolian Air (Aeolian)
        Stranger Horizons (Locrian)


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