Hardcopies of Supersonics Levels A, B and C are available for purchase shipped anywhere in the world (the shipping rates are here). These books are offered for purchase only to customers who have already purchased the corresponding studio-licensed copy of either Supersonics Level A, Level B or Level C. These books are printed on best-quality recycled paper with a high gloss cover and look amazing!

 [expandable data-sc-color="#000000"] [section title="Why only to studio-licensed customers?"]It is impossible for me to offer hardcopies at a competitive price to a worldwide market and still be commercially viable (as I live in Australia!). Instead I offer this service as a bonus for my customers.[/section] [section title="How much do hardcopies cost?"]Hardcopies are priced at US$9.99 each. [/section] [section title="How do I order hardcopies?"]A link to the product page is included with your purchase. If you don't have this link simply contact me and I will point you in the right direction. [/section][section title="Why should I get hardcopies?"]These books are very visually engaging and students love working from them! You save on printing costs and your students get their own copies of these exciting books at a very economical price.  [/section] [section title="I am a student and my teacher would like me to purchase a copy"]Simply contact me, provide me with your teacher's name (they need to have a studio-licensed copy of the book that you wish to order) and I will send you the link.[/section][/expandable]