Welcome to the Supersonics Super Chart

Silly name, great resource! Here you can navigate your way through all the repertoire that I offer. See which pieces are the best fit for your studio and get an overview of how everything works. To view and listen to the pieces in each level simply click on the birdies. Enjoy! 



You can either use Blast Off! as a standalone Beginner method book or as a supplement to your current curriculum. Download the first 8 pieces here for FREE and try it out with your students. The combination of Supersonics Plus with the Blast Off Galaxy Pack will change the way you approach beginner lessons!


The level generally encompasses "Level 2" of the major method books. For example:

Alfred's Premier 2A and 2b

Piano Adventures 2A and 2B

Piano Pronto Movement 1 and 2

Hal Leonard Book 3

Everything starts to sound a lot more impressive at this level as we add more accidentals, explore a wider dynamice range and travel to different registers of the piano. No boredom here!


The level generally encompasses "Level 3" of the major method books as well as the Preliminary Grading for Australian/UK exams. For example:

Alfred's Premier 3

Piano Adventures 3A

Piano Pronto Movement 3

Hal Leonard Book 4

In this level you not only sound more accomplished, you look it too! Your hands are crossing, you are leaping up and down the piano and you begin to explore the sonorities produced by the sustain pedal.   


The level generally encompasses "Level 4" of the major method books as well as Grade One for Australian/UK exams. For example:

Alfred's Premier 4

Piano Adventures 3B/4

Piano Pronto Movements 3/4

Hal Leonard Book 4/5

We are really building up some steam now! The pieces are becoming more involved but are still a smooth extension of skills we have learned earlier. There is some wonderful musical imagery in this level!    


The level generally encompasses "Level 5" of the major method books as well as Grades Two and Three for Australian/UK exams. For example:

Alfred's Premier 5/6

Piano Adventures 4/5

Piano Pronto Movements 5/Finale

This level is all about exploration. You have a great base to work with now so let's use it! These pieces sound musically mature - you really will wow your audience with your sophistication and artistry! 


You are pretty much out of method books now. In Australia/UK you're up to Grades Four and Five.




You know your stuff by now! In this level you will consolidate your technical base and further extend your artistry. You will also sound super impressive! 


Great work! You've made it. You are now at Grade Six and beyond in Australia/UK.




Time to reap the rewards for all your hard work over the years. You'll have fun. Your audience will have fun. Relax up on stage and just go for it!