I've completed my purchase - when will I receive my order?

When you make a purchase you will be directed immediately to a download link. You will also receive an email with the download link. If you don't receive this email contact me and I'll get it sorted.

How do I open zipped files?

All my products are "one click" downloads. This means that you only have to download one file to receive all that you need for a particular product. This file will be a zip file. All major operating systems have the facility built in to open these files. If you are having any problems try the fixes on this page or contact me.

How do I view and print PDFs?

In the unlikely event that you can't view a PDF or if there is some problem with the printing process, simply change your PDF viewer or adjust your settings. Adobe Acrobat is generally best for Windows PCs and Preview is best for Macs. If you are using Adobe Acrobat, choose "Print As Image" from the "Advanced" tab when you print.

How do I make my digital copy all pretty when I print it?

To maximize the size of the piece on the page you may like to adjust your printer's margins to make the pieces fill up as much of the page as possible. It is usually best to print as "actual size" rather than to "fit to page". I've also included high-resolution PDF covers for the books. You can use these to print a very nice looking cover if you like!

How do the levels of the pieces work?

I've tried to make everyone's life a little easier by providing as many pointers as to the level of each piece as possible. Each piece has a US grading and an Australian/UK grading. Canadian grades are a little different (a general rule is to add one to the Australian/UK grade listed). I've also correlated my pieces with as many of the method books as I can. Head on over to the Supersonics Super Chart page for a more detailed explanation and the big correlations list.

Do you ever go on sale?

No, my prices are the same all year round. We never go "on sale" as I've already built in some very attractive discounts. Everyone gets a great deal all the time. Remember, if you've already purchased any Supersonics product then you can credit this purchase (up to $100 USD) towards the epic Supersonics Plus Platinum package!