Welcome to Supersonics Plus Platinum!


A Supersonics Plus Platinum membership give you everything that you already get with a regular membership and adds in a HUGE downloadable and printable sheet music pack. You also get one year of online access. You will save a huge amount (over 60%!) and set your studio up for life. Roll out the red carpet because you are getting the VIP treatment! 


Here's all that you get with your Supersonics Plus Platinum membership:


You'll receive over 170 downloadable and printable pieces when you sign up! You'll never struggle to find pieces for your students again as a huge library of inspiring music will be sitting on your device, ready to go. Forever! The majority of the pieces are Beginner to Elementary level (up to Grade One Australia/UK).  All the pieces are studio-licensed so they can be used and enjoyed by all your students forever. Full-color covers and print-ready PDFs are included so you are able to produce awesome hardcopies. Or simply print out pieces as you go. Enjoy the flexibility that my music gives you. 

The retail value of just this part of the membership is $394.94 USD so you are saving a huge amount.

Click on each book to view and listen to all the included pieces.


The value that this section offers you is HUGE. Keep your teaching vibrant and energised all year round. Here's what's included:

* A monthly pack of studio-licensed New Release pieces. Every month I put together a pack of pieces. These will either be themed (e.g. Halloween or Christmas) or just whatever strikes my fancy that month. The overall mix will include solos, duets and trios. Every month will feature music for Elementary students. Don't worry though, there will be plenty of more advanced showstopping pieces included in the mix! The number of pieces will vary but as a general guide a "base" pack will contain 2 or more Elementary pieces and 1-2 Intermediate/Advanced pieces. Listen to this month's pieces here!

* Access to 170 streaming backing tracks. This super cool technology features scrolling sheet music synced to backing tracks and backing videos. You can slow down or speed up the tracks in real time, use a metronome and loop problem sections. This technology works on any device. Your students will love playing along with these epic tracks. Try one out here!

* Access to online theory sheets. These can be completed online in the Supersonics Theory app and then saved to your device. We have created these sheets especially for my pieces and they are a wonderful way to introduce and reinforce concepts. No more dry, boring theory. Theory the Supersonics way is bright, colorful and engaging! This technology works on any device. Try one out here!

* 100 FREE student accounts for your students to use at home. Up to 100 of your students are able to access the backing tracks and online theory. This offers you up to $500 in value every month! You can manage all of your students from a dashboard inside the member's area. Need more accounts? Contact me to have a chat.

* Regular Student Challenges. You and your students are able to enter a range of motivating and fun challenges during the year when you have an active Supersonics Plus Platinum membership. These are a great way of adding focus and direction to your lessons.

* Discount! When you have an active Platinum membership you get a sitewide sheet music discount of 25%. Complete your Supersonics digital library or stock up on Blast Off hardcopies!  

Are you ready to supercharge your lessons?




Sign up now for a Supersonics Plus Platinum membership:


* Downloadable and printable sheet music for over 170 of my pieces including full-color covers and print-ready PDFs. View all the included music here. These are yours to keep and use forever!

* a new pack of studio-licensed pieces every month for a year

* access to online backing tracks and videos for one year. This access includes:

* a library of 170 super cool pieces

* technology that you can use on any device

* instant speed control

* the option to loop problem sections

* an inbuilt metronome

* access to Supersonics Theory for one year.

* 100 FREE student accounts

* regular motivating challenges for your students for a year

* a 25% discount on sheet music

All this for only $189 USD

The total retail value of this package is $514.72 USD so you are saving over 60%! 


Don't need to print out all the included sheet music? Check out the Superonics Plus standard membership instead. 


Will the technology work on my device?

If it's reasonably modern and able to connect to the internet then yes! The list includes (but is not limited to) iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone, PC, Mac, Windows Surface...

Am I locked into any long term contracts?

Nope. Enjoy my music for as long as you like and cancel anytime.

How many devices can I use this technology on? 

As many devices as you personally own. 

Can I listen to the music that is included in Supersonics Plus?

You sure can. If you head on over here you can listen to, and view, every piece in its entirety.

I don't feel confident with the technology. Is there any help?

There certainly is. I am always just an email away and there is also guides in the member's area.

I'm still not convinced! Can you go the hard sell?

Why not try out my music first. Head on over to the Free Sample page to download a pack of pieces to try!

If you still have any questions that haven't been answered shoot me an email or else join me inside for some serious fun!