There is always a Student Challenge running for you and your students to participate in! The "Supersonics Challenge" runs all year round. Other challenges come and go throughout the year. 


This challenge runs all year round. Here's how it works:

* For every Supersonics piece you record and submit you get a personalised certificate emailed to you.

* Every time you or your studio reaches 10 pieces you get a 15 minute online session with me! You can use this for whatever you like (a lesson, chat, masterclass, etc.).

Here are your submission options:

1) Upload a video of your performance to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Either include a link to my website in the description or tag me!

2) Email me a video of your performance and I will upload it to my YouTube channel.

Every piece must be accompanied by a signed entry form. You can be as creative as you like with your video. Anything from a simple view of your hands all the way up to Hollywood blockbuster-style special effects is fine by me.