Welcome to Supersonics Plus!


Supersonics Plus is simply the best way to fully experience all that Supersonics Piano has to offer. The engaging music and cutting edge technology that I feature in this membership will supercharge your practising and performing!

The standard Supersonics Plus membership features 170 of my pieces in a cutting edge streaming interactive format. Some also have backing videos with performances by me and many are presented in multiple keys. The majority of the pieces are Beginner to Elementary level (up to Grade One Australia/UK). Start using this exciting technology and benefit from:

* access to a library of 170 super cool pieces

* technology that you can use on any device

* instant speed control

* the option to loop problem sections

* an inbuilt metronome

If you are looking for a more acoustic experience, simply "mute" your device to play along with the scrolling score without the backing track. Each piece is presented on the screen as "regular" sheet music and can be read as such.

You also get access to Supersonics Theory. These engaging sheets can be completed online and have been written exclusively for my pieces.

Please note that you cannot print out copies of the sheet music with this membership. If you would like access to downloadable and printable copies plus loads of extra features check out Supersonics Plus Platinum

Here's all the streaming pieces that you will have access to (click on each book to view and listen to every piece):


Remember, this technology works on any modern internet-connected device. You can use it on your iPad, tablet, PC, phone, or any other device you happen to have lying around the place. 

Supersonics Plus is an awesome practice solution as you are not locked into using one particular device. You can practice with a tablet at home and fire up a mobile to impress your friends when you're out and about.

Read the instructions here.


You also get access to Supersonics Theory. These exclusive sheets and exercises can be completed online and reinforce concepts featured in my pieces. No more dry, boring theory. Theory the Supersonics way is bright, colorful and engaging!

Are you ready to supercharge your learning?




Sign up now for a standard Supersonics Plus membership! 



Access to the Supersonics Plus interactive library to use in your lessons or at home. This includes:

* a library of 170 super cool pieces

* technology that you can use on any device

* instant speed control

* the option to loop problem sections

* an inbuilt metronome


* Supersonics Theory


$5 USD/month


If your teacher has a Supersonics Plus Platinum membership then you get access for free. Ask your teacher to setup an account for you!











Will the technology work on my device?

If it's reasonably modern and able to connect to the internet then yes! The list includes (but is not limited to) iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone, PC, Mac, Windows Surface...

Am I locked into any long term contracts?

Nope. Enjoy my music for as long as you like and cancel anytime.

How many devices can I use this technology on? 

You can use the technology on as many devices as you personally own. 

Can I listen to the music that is included in Supersonics Plus?

You sure can. If you head on over here you can listen to, and view, every piece in its entirety.

I don't feel confident with the technology. Is there any help?

There certainly is. I am always just an email away and there is also a guide in the member's area.

I'm still not convinced! Can you go the hard sell?

Why not try out my music first. Head on over to the Free Sample page to download a pack of pieces to try!