What makes Supersonics Piano pieces so special?

 All my pieces are "student tested and approved". I have taught piano for over 17 years and every piece featured on my site has been learned and performed by my own students. Thumbs up and a piece makes it through. Thumbs down and it's out. It's that simple. No second rate pieces. Every piece is engaging and motivating.

If you’re looking for new music for your students and especially pieces that will instantly appeal to boys, check this guy out! Daniel McFarlane is a young composer who has been quietly writing some fantastic piano music that will suit all styles and tastes. If you and your students have enjoyed the work of Chris Norton and his Microjazz, Microstyles and Preludes Collections (who hasn’t?!), you’ll love McFarlane’s work. McFarlane has the same great ability to write rhythms, progressions and melodies with instant appeal, and in many cases, write music that sounds harder than it actually is – just what kids want these days! Tim Topham

What do Supersonics Piano pieces sound like?

My pieces are inspired by the sounds today's students experience in their day to day lives. Movie themes, TV themes, popular music, minimalist music - it's all there. I am inspired by a very wide and diverse range of genres and styles and they all get thrown into the giant melting pot that is my imagination! When I compose I always keep in mind how important a smooth learning process is so every piece will sit under your fingers very nicely.

How hard are Supersonics Piano pieces?

My pieces range in standard from easy C-G pieces all the way up to impressive Advanced works. Each piece has been independently graded and you can search for pieces using either the US, UK/Australian or Canadian grading systems. I've created a "correlations chart" for various method books and examination systems to help guide you along the way. Here it is (ta da!):

Have any questions?

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