Castle Escape (Elementary - to Preliminary Australia/UK)

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Castle Escape - 10 Graded Elementary Solos

This collection of pieces is my own personal favorite (and is super popular with students!). The whole book tells a story - students can really let their imaginations run wild with these pieces. You can watch a video of me explaining how the pieces work in the "Watch" tab. When you purchase this book you save 20% (if you would rather purchase the pieces individually you can here).

Tap on the arrows to preview the entire book!

What do the pieces sound like? Have a listen to the pieces in the "Listen" tab. Think dramatic movie themes, castles, dragons and battle scenes. Each piece conjures up vivid musical imagery.

Which level are the pieces at? The pieces are graded from easiest to hardest but remain in the range of mid-Elementary (pre-Preliminary to Preliminary for those of you in Australia and the UK). Technical skills covered include moving around the thumb, small stretches, small leaps, exploring both ends of the piano (right to the top and all the way to the bottom!), staccato and legato touches and fast even fingerwork.

Why do I love digital publishing so much? Here's the reason - I've put all the pieces in Castle Escape in four keys. These pieces can now fit seamlessly into a student's progression no matter whether they are just coming out of a C major closed hand position or are off exploring other keys in their method books. The key groups are: C minor, D minor, G minor and A minor.

This digital book is studio-licensed and is amazingly good value. Your students will love their exciting new pieces and you get a lifetime's use of engaging music. Play along with the backing tracks and save 25% on this purchase when you are a member of Supersonics Plus.

What you will receive with your purchase

When you purchase this product you will receive studio-licensed PDFs, a full-color cover and sample performance mp3s. This product is "print-optimized" so that you can easily print hardcopies from it.  

Do you need some assistance?

Check the resources page or please don't hesitate to contact me. I aim to make your shopping and teaching experience with my pieces the best that it can possibly be! 

Thank you for respecting the composer's copyright and not illegally distributing this music :)

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