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Level One Supplement Pack (Beginner to Early Elementary)

This pack reinforces and extends the techniques, rhythms and note ranges introduced in Level One of the Supersonics Piano Method (you can also use it with Quick Start Level A). It is also extremely useful as a general supplementary book for any method. This pack features:

  • 40 original studies
  • 18 arrangements of folk tunes, nursery rhymes and popular classics
  • 2 rounds

for a total of sixty pieces! Eighteen of the pieces have teacher duets.


You can listen to all the pieces (and play along with the teacher duets) for free over in Supersonics Plus.

This digital pack is studio-licensed and is amazingly good value. Your students will love their exciting new pieces and you get a lifetime's use of engaging music. 

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Additional information 

What you will receive with your purchase:

When you purchase this product you will receive studio-licensed PDFs and a full-colour cover. 

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Check the FAQ page for answers to some common queries or please don't hesitate to contact me. I aim to make your shopping and teaching experience with my pieces the best that it can possibly be! 

Thank you for respecting the composer's copyright and not illegally distributing this music :)