Sneak Attack! (Elementary Solos/Duet)

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That was the first review I received from a student when I played this piece for him (he laughed so hard that he snorted all over my piano...). This piece is fun, insanely catchy and just a little bit naughty! The surprising moments of silence (it's up to you how you fill this silence *evil laugh*) keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Here's what you get:

  • an Elementary solo version
  • a slightly harder "study" version. This features unison staccato playing and is great for technique building! You can also use this version for one-handed practice (for use during those inevitable broken arm lessons) 
  • a teacher/older student piano duet part that you can play with both solos


You have to listen to the backing tracks (featured in Supersonics Plus)! The original backing track leaves space for you to provide your own noises (if you so desire). Get a buddy to fill the rests with claps, scary noises or whatever you can think up! BUT, this piece also has an evil twin, Stealth Bomber. For this, I have created two "special" backing tracks with noises supplied for you. I'm not going to tell you what they are but they are quite cheeky! (I am very proud of that pun by the way.) You also get the re-titled scores and cover for this version.

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Students have so much fun learning this piece that they don't realise how much they are developing their technical and rhythmic skills. Once they have learnt this piece their staccato control and counting skills will be greatly improved. This piece is guaranteed to raise a smile (and a chuckle, and a laugh out loud, and the occasional explosive snort!).  

This digital collection is studio-licensed and is amazingly good value. Your students will love their exciting new pieces and you get a lifetime's use of engaging music. Play along with the backing track and save an additional 25% on this purchase when you are a member of Supersonics Plus.

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    When you purchase this product you will receive studio-licensed PDFs and sample performance mp3s. 

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    Thank you for respecting the composer's copyright and not illegally distributing this music :)

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