Spy Games (Early Intermediate to Intermediate - Grades 2&3 Australia/UK)

Live the life of a super-secret spy! 

Hacked (Early Intermediate - Grade 2 Australia/UK)You're sitting at your computer and suddenly weird things start to happen on the screen. All your files are being erased before your eyes! Argh! You've been hacked! Click here to play along with the backing track for this piece in Supersonics Plus for free!

Agent X (Intermediate - Grade 3 Australia/UK): Imagine that you are a secret agent running around the place blowing things up in the latest spy thriller movie. You'll have a blast playing this piece! I've included a small hands version without octaves to make this piece accessible for more students.

Spy Games (Intermediate - Grade 3 Australia/UK): Who will win the spy wars?

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This digital suite is studio-licensed and is amazingly good value. Your students will love their exciting new piece and you get a lifetime's use of engaging music. 

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When you purchase this product you will receive studio-licensed PDFs, sample performance mp3s and a full-colour cover. 

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