Supersonics Piano Elementary Collection OLD EDITION

by Daniel McFarlane

Series: Supersonics Piano Collection

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Book information: Spiral bound; 114 pages

This book has been updated. You can order the new edition here.

The Supersonics Piano Elementary Collection is designed to provide students with a rich source of supplementary/exam/concert repertoire. The pieces can either be used to supplement your existing method or you can build your own method around them. This book will provide enough repertoire to last for 2-3 years. If you are searching for a comprehensive system you can use the Supersonic Piano Method series. All the pieces featured in this book have free backing tracks available in Supersonics Plus.




    This book contains 54 Elementary pieces divided into 6 sections:

    Elementary One:  This section contains 11 pieces at an early Elementary standard.

    Elementary Two:  This section contains 14 pieces at an Elementary standard.

    Elementary Three:  This section contains 11 pieces at a late Elementary standard.

    Elevate Studies: The Elevate Studies are a series of 6 uplifting pieces that allow you to work on wrist and forearm rotation. You also get to cross your hands over often and use the sustain pedal! You can either learn these pieces as a complete set or break them up and learn each one at its particular level.

    Winter Studies: The Winter Studies are a series of 6 expressive pieces that allow you to work on your phrasing and tonal shading. You can either learn these pieces as a complete set or break them up and learn each one at its particular level.

    Modal Studies: The 6 Modal Studies explore the modes of the major scale. Students become aware of the tonal possibilities created by Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Aeolian and Locrian modes.

    For the purposes of Australian, UK and Canadian exams use the following conversion table:

    Elementary 1 Pre-Preliminary Pre-Prep Pre-Preparatory
    Elementary 2 Preliminary Prep Preparatory/Grade 1
    Elementary 3 Grade 1 Grade 1/2 Grade 2


    Supersonics Plus is the online system that works in conjunction with this book in order to enhance your experience. Supersonics Plus features:

    Backing tracks: Every original piece has a backing track. Practicing with backing tracks is a great way to develop a strong sense of beat.  

    Rhythm Builders: Every piece has a Rhythm Builder worksheet associated with it.  


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