Supersonics Piano Method Quick Start Level A OLD EDITION

by Daniel McFarlane

Series: Supersonics Piano Method

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Book information: Spiral bound; 76 pages

This book has been updated. You can order the new edition here.

The Supersonics Piano Method Quick Start series is designed to give older beginners a "quick start" to the piano. There is no padding in this book, just a streamlined contemporary progression. This book is suitable for all ages (younger beginners may be more suited to Supersonics Piano Method Level One though). There are three ways to effectively use this method:

  1. Use this book in conjunction with the free version of Supersonics Plus. You can also use the material in the Teacher Resource book.
  2. Subscribe to Supersonics Plus to experience the full comprehensive program (if you are a Plus subscriber you can print all the pieces in this book as part of your membership).
  3. Use this book as the repertoire, technical and creative base for your teaching/learning. You can then add your own aural and theory programs.




The book is divided into three sections:

  1. Reading and Technique: These pieces will give you a strong technical base and teach you basic reading skills.
  2. Explorations: We explore a wider range on the piano and add in arrangements of some popular classical pieces in order to expand your musical horizons.
  3. Chords: These pieces teach you how to work with popular chords.

It is recommended that you complete the Reading and Technique section first. After this you can either continue working through the book sequentially or you can “mix and match” from the Explorations and Chords sections. When you have completed this book you can simply progress straight on to Quick Start Level B or you can switch across to Supersonics Piano Method Level Three.

Supersonics Plus 

Supersonics Plus is the online system that works in conjunction with this book in order to give you the "complete" method experience. Supersonics Plus features:

Backing tracks: Every original piece has a backing track. Practicing with backing tracks is a great way to develop a strong sense of beat. 

Teacher duets: Every piece in the Reading and Technique section has a teacher duet. These develop a student's ensemble skills. 

Supplementary repertoire: Supersonics Plus features a huge library of supplementary pieces.

Rhythm Builders: Every piece has a Rhythm Builder worksheet associated with it.  


First Steps March Slav
Hold On
Ode to Joy
Can You Count?
Swan Lake
That's Easy! Spring
Stepping Up and Down Snowflakes
Step and a Skip Reaching the Top
Look! Both Hands! 5 to 4
Left and Right Ice Crystals
All Together Now Morning
Don't Let Go! The Cancan
Lord of the Keys Eternal Light
Let's Get Loud! Lavender's Blue
Sad Steps Winter's Day
Happy and Sad The Jig Is Up
That's Hot! CHORDS
Pop School
The Chase Drift Away
Stretchy Come On Down
Reach the Stars
When the Sun Shines
Trapped in the Maze A Moonlit Tale
That's So Sad I See You
Dotted Waterfalls
Waltzing Up
Sprite Knight
Mysterioso A New Hope
Pixie Dust
Sir Prance-Alot
Dungeon Run  
Elevate: One
Elevate: Two
Elevate: Three  


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