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by Daniel McFarlane

Subscription: Supersonics Plus Studio

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Subscription length: 1 year (auto-renew but cancel anytime)

Supersonics Plus is the perfect way to supercharge your Supersonics experience! You can use Supersonics Plus in two ways:

  1. To provide the "complete" package for the Supersonics Piano Method 
  2. To provide an engaging supplementary resource for you and your students  


Here's the big list of everything that's in Supersonics Plus:

Scrolling sheet music + backing tracks: every original piece in the Supersonics Plus Piano Method and many of the Supplementary pieces have backing tracks. Using your tablet, phone or PC you can play along with these backing tracks. You simply follow the the sheet music as it scrolls across the screen. If the track is too fast you can slow it down (by increments of 1% all the way down to as slow as 50%) and you can also speed up the tracks (up to 120%!). If you're having trouble keeping time you can turn on a click track. If you're having trouble with a particular section you can loop it until it's perfect. Playing along with these backing tracks is a great way to instill a strong sense of beat in a a student! 

Rote pieces: Every module in the first level of the Supersonics Piano Method has several rote pieces associated with it. You can use these pieces to introduce or consolidate new techniques/concepts and to challenge students with a different style of learning. The 25 featured rote pieces also form their own standalone progression if you need some off the stave work. Each rote piece has sheet music, a performance video and a teaching video making them very easy to learn and practice.

Teacher duets: There are teacher duets for every piece in the first 8 modules of the Supersonics Piano Method. These feature contemporary harmonies and are particularly popular with students! Each teacher duet has sheet music and many also have performance videos featuring me.

Supplementary repertoire: When you are a member of Supersonics Plus you gain access to an ever-expanding printable library of supplementary repertoire. This library includes original solo, duet and trio works by me, arrangements of folk tunes and popular classics and strategically chosen classical repertoire. The library is arranged by module and level so everything is at your fingertips!

Online theory: A structured online theory course for complements the Supersonics Piano Method is included. You can complete each sheet online and then save it.

Chord pieces: A structured progression of 23 chord pieces is included. In these a student will learn all the various types of popular chord. Every piece has a a printable sheet as well as several accompaniment suggestions.

Rhythm Builders: Every piece in the Supersonics Piano Method has a Rhythm Builder worksheet associated with it. These sheets drill the rhythmic elements of the piece.

On the Score sheets: These sheets give you suggestions for markings that you can make on the score (finding patterns, harmonies, dynamics, etc.)

Improvisation pieces: Every module in the Supersonics Piano Method has an improvisation piece to explore.

Framework sheets: These sheets give you practical teaching ideas for the pieces in the Supersonics Piano Method.   


As a special bonus you will receive a pack of New Release pieces every month. These are studio-licensed so that you can use them for yourself and all your students forever! The pieces featured are original solos, duets and trios all composed by me (as well as some arrangements). As a rough guide you will receive 1-2 Elementary pieces and 1-2 Intermediate/Advanced pieces every month.


As a Supersonics Plus members you will always receive FREE shipping on all your hardcopy book orders (saving $5.00 USD per order). Simply use the discount code provided in the members area.


Here's a walkthrough video of Supersonics Plus (well worth the 11 mins viewing time!):



There are two types of membership: Supersonics Plus and Supersonics Plus Studio. Both include access to the complete set of features. The only difference is this:

Supersonics Plus gives you access to a single account. This is perfect for students or for teachers who just want to use the online materials in lessons (you can still send any printable sheets home with students though).  

Supersonics Plus Studio gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of student accounts. This means that, if you are a teacher, every one of your students is able to access Supersonics Plus at home. Your students can play along with the backing tracks, complete online theory, print pieces that they need, read framework sheets, etc.

    Supersonics Plus is a monthly membership and Supersonics Plus Studio is available either as a monthly membership or an annual one (save 20% by paying annually).


    There are two basic things to remember:

    Technology: The technology used in Supersonics Plus will work on 99.9% of modern devices (i.e. tablets, mobiles and PCs not more than a few years old running one of the latest operating systems with one of the major internet browsers). Older devices usually have no issues but there will be a point that a device will simply become too old and slow to run the system. If something is not working for you please contact us and we will endeavor to find a solution. Quite often it is simply a case of adjusting settings or changing browsers. If we can't make Supersonics Plus work for you we will happily refund your money :-)  

    Students: If you have a Supersonics Plus Studio membership then you can add as many of your students as you like to your account. The system is monitored for fraud and your account will be cancelled if you are found to be rorting the system. 

    You can also view the complete terms of use and privacy policy

    If you already have one of the older Supersonics Plus membership you can view how it lines up with the new memberships here

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